We do not manage any outside capital. We are a holding firm not an investment or equity firm. This enables us to hold our investments for the very long term, which allows our companies to optimize their growth and success.

We work with each of our companies to provide necessary funds for capital expenditures. We also make sure we have the necessary human resources capital to realize long term growth and opportunity for our personnel.

Bonnett Partners understands what goes into building and running a successful business. Our experience buying and running small to medium sized businesses allows us to identify what’s important to you in the sale of your business, and we work with you to structure a mutually beneficial transaction structure.

We anticipate and address potential issues early, enabling a smooth sale process. We are committed to closing a transaction as quickly as possible


Bonnett Partners’ operational experience provides owner-operators with a range of options regarding their involvement post-sale. These options range from transitioning out of day-to-day operations in as little as 30 days after closing becoming a long-term partner and continuing to manage operations post-closing. We work with you to meet your goals for post-sale involvement. We can bring day-to-day management, industry experience, capital, and a board of directors dedicated to the ongoing success of your business.  Our flexibility and industry experience provides a unique opportunity to provide business owners with liquidity, to meet their overall goals for a transition, and to create long-term opportunities for their employees.

Businesses Characteristics We Look For:

– Owner looking to retire, exit, with liquidity event
– Recurring or repeating revenue streams
– Diverse customer base
– Minnesota-based
– Leading position or skill sets in a growing industry
– History of Strong Cash Flow

Our Existing Investments


Other investments:

– LFG Inc
– Two LLP
– 12 Int. LLC

– DStock Inc.
– 45 LLC
– 1223 LLC

Our Team

TJ Bonnett: Business Development:
– Public Accounting Background

– 17 years experience running small businesses
– Successfully purchased two small businesses
– Provide opportunity for growth for employees

Nick Bolin: Operations Management
– Transitioned from Press Brake Operator to Department Lead

– Promoted to Customer Service Rep, led largest account to successful growth
– Promoted to Production Department Leader in charge of all production personnel and developed metrics
– Promoted to President at LimPro in only 60 months from being floor operator

Cindy Steinlicht: Corporate Controller
– Controller for both Quali-Mac and LimPro

– 45 Years service to the organization
– Responsible for all aspects of compliance and reporting
– Been through and led the acquisition process multiple times

Brady Bjorgaard: Operations Management
– 25 years of experience in a job shop environment
– Has held multiple positions in a manufacturing facility, from deburring to Plant Manager

– Has a passion to build strong teams, where everyone’s voice is heard
– Co-managed multiple sites within the same organization